About the film

The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol formed from a grid of 19 overlapping circles joined together at their centres and is one of the oldest and most notable examples of Sacred Geometry. The idea that this symbol contains information about the nature of reality is investigated in the film by exploring the theory that the original Flower of Life is, in fact, a three dimensional shape made up of interlocking spheres that depict a representation of cells and explains the harmonic ratios and growth patterns inherent in nature. By creating a Flower of Life out of a grid of spheres in 3D, how would they interact internally and could other key geometries be created from joining centres and intersecting points? This is a journey to explore the Flower of Life like never before, from within and beyond.

Once the conscious thought has created the first cell, the observer bears witness to cell division culminating in the creation of a full 3D Flower of Life matrix which can now be viewed from all different angles, revealing the correlation between the four-fold and six-fold geometries. This is fascinating in itself and shows unseen aspects of the pattern that could never be deduced from the traditional 2D grid representation. Inspired by this, greater exploration was forthcoming when the camera tracking was set to go inside the structure for the first time. To facilitate this, the spheres were shaded and their centres left transparent to allow the intersecting geometry to be seen from every angle.

As the camera enters the Flower of Life, the immediately striking feature is the somewhat unexpected grandeur and cathedral-like appearance. It now becomes clear that ancient encoded knowledge is being revealed; could it be that the ancient architects and Masons had taken influence from the growth pattern of cells? Building up from a 2D ground plan of the Flower of Life results in such magnificent interlocking archways that are seen in so many cathedrals and churches. Maybe this was to harness and embody the harmonic frequencies of life itself into the buildings and left as a clue to the blueprint geometry of creation?

This leads to the next revelatory journey in the film which looks at the theory; is it possible that this simple grid of overlapping spheres is a key to whole system of fractal nested interlocking 3D geometry? Such theories as explored by eminent names like Buckminster Fuller and Nassim Haramein, the former for his work on geodesic domes and the latter’s use of Sacred Geometry in explaining his unified field theory. These inspirational figures provided the inspiration for the next sequence.

Astonishingly, in utilising the 3D space provided by the model, not only were simple solid geometries like the tetrahedron and the cube found, but also the hypercube and all the coordinates for Buckminster Fuller’s ‘isotropic vector matrix’ - a simple arrangement of solid geometry consisting of alternating tetrahedrons and octahedrons packed into a larger tetrahedron. Put together with Nassim Haramein’s development of this geometry in the 64 tetrahedron grid (which in itself also contains two further key pieces of geometry; the star tetrahedron and the cube octahedron), the cube octahedron was also named the vector equilibrium by Buckminster Fuller who described it as a system rather than a structure. It signifies a condition where energy comes to the state of stillness or equilibrium - where the expansive forces perfectly balance the compressive forces. Conceptually, it is the central geometry for what is being referred to as zero point or the vacuum. Representing ultimate perfection and stillness, this is the only geometry in existence where all the vectors are of equal length, including those to its centre. These concepts have been imagined, drawn and described until now, where in the film true beauty and visualisation is presented to bring these concepts to life like never before.

The Flower of Life Revealed endeavours to show the elegance by which something as simple as a single point can begin and create from itself and continue to develop through all the complex multiple aspects and variations, then return back to its source as the circle of life. Like the ebb and flow or breath of the universe! 

All this geometry has been conceptually nurtured into existence in the womb of the Flower of Life, interpreted as the growth pattern of cells and revealed through this conceptual piece of animated art or visual meditation. This film has been created for deep contemplation on the connectedness of life and the significance of how all this geometry is inherently and incredibly full of precision and perfection, a vision fulfilled by revealing an unseen aspect of a remarkable piece of ancient symbolism.