Louise Bellairs is a multimedia visionary artist and sacred geometry specialist. She has combined these two specialisms and created Art of Sacred Geometry. 

Born in Singapore of British parents, she moved back to the UK as a child and grew up on the Wirral. Her early career was in the theatre where she trained as a special effects make-up artist and wig maker and worked backstage on Phantom of the Opera.

Discovering sacred geometry at the turn of the millennium, she has since risen to become one of the world’s most renowned sacred geometry artists, selling work across the world. She is an authority on the subject; linking ancient architecture, modern metaphysical interpretations and life itself through sacred geometry.

Fascinated by the subject and mainly finding dry illustrations in her research, Louise began to draw and paint the imagery. As she did, she uncovered the beautiful constructs of the geometry which laid her foundations for discovering the greater secrets held within the Flower of Life. Louise’s paintings have evolved into beautiful and evocative interpretations, all based on the principles of the Flower and Life (FoL) and its underlying matrices.

People often asked Louise why she declared the FoL as the ‘blueprint of creation’ or why the FoL was so important. So, after many years explaining it at exhibitions, she decided the next step would be to explain it visually and hence her journey of discovery took another evolutionary step into motion graphics. Louise is now proud to present two films as part of her live presentation talk that reveal the FoL transformation from 2 dimensions into 3 dimensions, from the outside to within and beyond…