Directors Bio

Louise Bellairs has been working with Sacred Geometry since the year 2000. Her intense research and masterful painting skills soon produced a credible body of work. She has created décor for events, together with artwork for gallery exhibitions and for private clients. Louise is a well-established Sacred Geometry expert with a burgeoning Facebook presence and is generating demand for her talks amongst the spiritual lecture circuit and festival scene.

In 2011, Louise was instrumental in visioning and founding the Temple Ball events in Glastonbury. Taking on the role of artistic director, she created an immersive ultraviolet sacred geometry environment. This led to some boundary pushing projection visuals with all content being created by her. This included motion graphic loops, recursive fractals and evolving sacred geometric imagery which all became foundations and inspirations for creating a more complete experience in the form of a film.

Creating under the pseudonym of ‘Art of Sacred Geometry’ since 2009, Louise has gained notoriety through her painting, drawing, designing and teaching of Sacred Geometry. She has several public exhibitions to her name, both as a solo artist and as part of an art collective. Louise also gives regular talks on the subject, together with hiring her décor for event spaces and also paints commissions for private clients.

Latterly, her film and video work is reaching new highs with her most recent collaboration for providing the animation and video backdrops for the re-release of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star,’ a project by one of the original song writers, Bruce Woolley and sung by Polly Scattergood. The video can be seen on YouTube here:

Louise’s current zenith however, is the release of her film ‘The Flower of Life Revealed,’ a magnum opus in sacred geometry animation.