Director's Statement

After working with Sacred Geometry for many years, I was intrigued and keen to know what the geometry looked like in 3D and as I hadn’t found anyone creating it to the extent that I wanted to see, I decided to create it myself.

Having already mastered the art of motion graphics through the creation of video loops and stock footage for my own presentations and stage projections for events, I embarked on learning 3D modelling software that would enable me to explore the geometry further. 

Once I had married the 3D models with the motion graphics, I was able to breathe life into the project and realise the full potential of creating the ‘Flower of Life Revealed.’ It was a revelation indeed when I was able to explore the 3D Flower of Life from within and further explore the nested geometries and how they all relate.

All my research over the years and the visions I had had, have all come to fruition in this project that I am now so pleased to present.