1. Did you really do it all yourself?

a. Yes, this has been a self-funded and self-taught project. Every step of the way, when a new job needed doing or a new aspect needed creating, I was the only one to do it. Very often I would have to learn how to do that job from tutorials.

2. How did you learn to do all that?

a. One step at a time. I have completed lots of tutorials and scrutinised many user guides for multiple pieces of software and spent thousands of hours perfecting techniques.

3. Why did you move from painting to creating animations?

a. I absolutely love painting and drawing sacred geometry. As I exhibited my work, more and more people would ask me to explain sacred geometry, which I loved to do. However it became very repetitive and I really wanted to show people what I meant. It is so much easier to explain visually. So, at first I started creating digital diagrams to put together in a presentation. Then, I started experimenting with motion graphics. Once I started to fully comprehend the creative potential of producing moving digital art, there was no stopping me.

4. How long did it take you to learn all that software?

a. I had already been using Photoshop for quite some time, processing print ready images of my paintings. I then learnt Illustrator as my first step to creating still digital art. I then started looking into motion graphics over 4 years ago and have been learning it ever since.

5. How long have you been studying and working with sacred geometry?

a. About 20 years.

6. What does sacred geometry mean to you?

a. From all my research I have come to the conclusion that physical matter shapes itself on an invisible skeletal structure which is made from sacred geometry. There are rules and ratios inherent in nature, which guide the way everything grows including us humans. So, to me when I am interacting with sacred geometry, it feels like communicating with the divine intelligence that created the world in which we live. When I hand draw any sacred geometry it's like going into an instant meditation, allowing me an overwhelming feeling of peace. 

7. Are you going to do a version with an explanation?

a. Yes, I would like to develop this concept, along with all my information including all the content from my presentation and create a feature film with a full commentary and explanation.

8. Are you going to work in any other media?

a. I would like to see it further developed in virtual reality and, perhaps, an interactive app whereby the observer takes more control and can virtually fly through sacred geometric worlds. Also to see the film recreated in 3D or even IMAX would be awesome!