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"Louise really has taken the visualisation to another level. The best visualisation I have ever seen of flying INSIDE of the 3D Flower of Life structure!" Jamie Janover

Outstanding, lost for words. SD 

Wow – mind blowing and inspiring, thanks. RN

Amazing, it took me into a place of peace, thank you. AW

Going inside the Flower of Life was an incredible moment. AM

Really profound. It totally opened up my thoughts about the nature of the universe and how we connect to the divine. MC

Very profound. I will never look at the Flower of Life symbol the same again. Especially as a 2D symbol. SB

Awakening, hypnotic – especially in the cathedral. JT

Divine. AF

A beautiful, high vibe, inspirational journey. JK

I felt an inner expansion. LB

Very meditative music, movement and images – gave me a sense of peacefulness and calm. EC

An intense, revealing experience. AG

Church architecture was amazing. Anon