Event Reviews

Louise, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge you have on the Art of Sacred Geometry. How far and wide the connections of this sacred geometry goes. Your work is mesmerising, beautiful and spiritual. It proves how we are all connected through time, space and DNA! Thank you. TP

The presentation was incredible. Much to process from it!  VF

Louise, your presentation was amazing!  You were so knowledgeable and we were all mesmerised from beginning to end.  You are a truly gifted artist.  I will forever cherish the prints and cards that I have.  I feel so blessed to have seen your presentation and to have met you. LH

Really profound. It totally opened up my thoughts about the nature of the universe and how we connect to the divine. MC

I absolutely love your work, your presentation was amazing. CH-R

Hi Louise, just wanted to say again how amazing your presentation was in Glastonbury on Saturday.  I bought a compass today so I'm all set to try my very own flower of life grid!  I'd like to share with you what I wrote in my journal after the film, please feel free to use it as a review if that would be in any way helpful.  The more people exposed to your amazing work the better!

"The Flower of Life Revealed Live" was a truly profound experience.  I felt like I was downloading the instructions for life but at the same time being reminded of knowledge that already exists in my very essence.  Louise's gift and talent took me on a journey to the centre and the edges of the universe simultaneously. We really are all seeing the same truth from many different angles...... I shall not easily forget that. GL