Music Composer

Paul Foss has been writing and producing award winning music for Television and Corporate Events since 1991. He has scored over 60 hours of internationally broadcast TV documentaries, dramas and news programmes all around the globe.

In 1995 it was his music that CNN used to report the OJ Simpson trial in Los Angeles. Time Magazine dubbed Paul the 'composer behind the double murder'.

Trading under the banner of Sound To Picture, Paul has also created soundtracks for major brand leaders including all UK product launches for Citroen and Vauxhall cars between 1993 and 2005, as well as major international launches for Apple, Westland Helicopters, Royal Air Force Of Oman and the Abu Dhabi Sustainable Energy Council amongst many others. In 1998 Paul was appointed musical director for the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Edinburgh.

Paul's extensive library of music is available online at
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