Personal Statement

When I first discovered sacred geometry, it was like the words leapt off the page imploring me to find out more. I had never felt anything so compelling. Little did I know then, how it would guide my life.

The more I worked with sacred geometry the more I fell in love with it. 

I found it to be a very visual experience of understanding. Sacred Geometry took my soul and nurtured it on a journey of learning. It was like I had woken an internal dialogue, leading me on a voyage of self-discovery. 

As I started learning sacred geometry, I found the information on the subject to be a little dry and mathematical and became overly profound all too quickly and somewhat missed or never explained the fundamentals of its design, origins and mysticism. I found that other people were having a similar experience, they seemed to shut down to the deeper knowledge, dismissing it as too mathematical for them.

So, without much of an explanation, I started to create sacred geometry pictures. The process of being with the geometry was not only meditational and therapeutic, but it was also a deep and spiritually nourishing experience. I, therefore, endeavoured to create pieces of art which would invoke feelings within people; creating a portal for the viewer to have their own inner dialogue with the geometry. I evolved the art creation process to involve working with hand-drawn fractal grids and rotated matrices, as seen in some of my paintings.

After spending many years explaining sacred geometry to people at various exhibitions of my work, I eventually came to the conclusion that I needed to tell it as a moving visual story in a less mathematical way and to help people understand the concepts and appreciate its beauty. That is when I started to really learn motion graphics in order to animate examples of what I was explaining. I undertook learning several new software programs to enable me to channel my visions in a way that was captivating, attractive and easy to understand. 

The results are the two meditation films that I show in my live presentation. They each have an original music score with no words allowing for a meditational flow. I did, however, believe that some explanation would be helpful, so I created a talk as a live presentation which gives some of my insights into the geometry, its formative creation and the progression to more complex designs. This encompasses the Flower of Life throughout, together with Metatron’s Cube, the Platonic Solids and the integration of the MerKaBa with the 64 tetrahedron grid; their progression and connections.

This all unifies together as a cohesive experience to garner a solid foundation of the teachings of sacred geometry as revealed through the Flower of Life.