This film explores the progression of cell division, a comment on the cycle of life and the geometric blueprint that underpins all life and its growth patterns. It is an exploration of a 3D pattern of spheres which has been represented in everything from the 2D Flower of Life pattern to the masonic architecture of churches. A sort of decoding of the hints and clues that have been left through the ages about this connectedness of life.

The eye, in the beginning, represents the original thought that projects a stream of consciousness out into the void. Once consciousness is projected, in all directions, all around, a sphere is formed which represents the first cell and the beginning point for the development of life. Once the first cell is established from that single point, expansion can begin as one cell becomes two, as in cell division and so two become four and four become eight and so on multiplying through to a whole matrix grid of spheres.

 The matrix grid is rotated to reveal its facets of structural geometry, the underlying Flower of Life. At this point of revelation and for the very first time, the viewer is given the unique opportunity to explore inside this inimitable 3D Flower of Life structure, where the complexity and beauty of the matrix can be observed.

On exiting, the observer then bears witness to further developments of the geometric matrix where the centre points of the spheres are joined to create solid geometry. This creates a whole sequence of shapes that become animated to a revelatory crescendo of interlocking fractal geometry which is then reverse engineered back to the original conceptual point thus mimicking and completing the infinite cycle of life.