The Flower of Life Revealed

The Flower of Life Revealed is a stunningly animated Sacred Geometry meditation film.
Louise Bellairs, as Art of Sacred Geometry, takes you on an enlightening journey; from the first cell division, through to the formation of a 3D Flower of Life and onward on a pilgrimage to the very centre of this creation, where the breath-taking magnitude is revealed and a 360 degree panorama is granted for the observer to experience the awe-inspiring splendour, inherent within.
The journey then progresses through a theoretical system of blueprint geometry, dwelling in the master geometry of the 64 Tetrahedron Grid, conceptually nurtured into existence in the womb of the Flower of Life - from where all is created.
You are invited to immerse yourself and contemplate the unfolding visual symphony and let the original musical score envelope your senses with this revealing demonstration of what it feels like to experience Sacred Geometry as a language without words.

"Louise really has taken the visualisation to another level. The best visualisation I have ever seen of flying INSIDE of the 3D Flower of Life structure!" Jamie Janover